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Doggies Merch® All-in-One Leashes

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Doggies Merch® All-in-One Leashes

Take your best friend for a walk without having to worry about carrying the water bottle, the bowl and the poop bags and let's not forget their favorite snacks! We heard your issues and we came to solve them. The All-In-One Leash with built-in Water Bottle, Food Bowl, and Poop Bag is here! Comfortably take your furry friend for strolls around that big beautiful park that they love so much with the peace of mind knowing everything they need is in the palm of your hands!

All-In-One Smart Leash Features

  •  BPA free,
  •  3.5ft leash holds up to 120lbs,
  •  Hook beneath leash to comfortably & and; conveniently carry a bag of your pooches favorite treats,
  • Hidden compartment to discreetly secure poop bags,
  • Kettle bowl comfortably attached to the side of leash for your furry friends snacks and water,
  • Water bottle cleverly designed to keep your companion hydrated no matter what adventure you are on,

Made to make your life easier

Going for a walk with your K-9 kid can be task in itself, but it doesn't have to be anymore. Purposely designed for all the necessities needed when out an about. Quality tested by the American Kennel Club and backed by the seal of approval, the multi-leash is ready for all adventures

Customer experience is our priority

We are here for you with 24/7 customer service. If you have any concerns or questions or maybe you just want to chat about your day please do not hesitate to contacts us via our contact page. We are community built on being kind and honest with our fellow K-9 kids and their parents!

You cannot miss it!