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Doggies Merch® Festive Sweaters

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$19.90 USD
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$34.00 USD
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$19.90 USD


Doggies Merch® Festive Sweaters

  • COZY & BREATHABLE FABRIC - Our pet turtleneck sweaters are made of high-quality acrylic fabric, which is soft, breathable, and durable. They are easy to wash and dry, and can keep your pet baby warm and comfortable in the cold winter or autumn. Xmas dog sweaters have a cute and funny Christmas related pattern, which can add more festive atmosphere to your lovely pets.
  • TURTLENECK & SLEEVELESS - Our dog clothes have a classic turtleneck design, which can not only make your dog look stylish, but also protect their neck from the cold. Sleeveless design knitwear is very convenient to put on or take off, and does not affect your dog’s movement. The high neck doggy sweater is suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds, and has enough space for them to go to the toilet without any problems.
  • FESTIVE - Our dog sweater is a great Christmas dog costume gift for your furry friends. It can make your dog stand out in the crowd, and attract more attention and compliments. It is also perfect for daily wearing, weekend parties, taking photos, picnics, birthdays, Christmas festival, and other occasions. Put on this funny pet clothes, and let your dog enjoy the holiday with you.

You cannot miss it!