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Doggies Merch® Interactive Robot Slow Feeder

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Doggies Merch® Interactive Robot Slow Feeder
  • 🐕[SMART ROBOT TOY] This dog tumbler puzzle toy is not just a toy - it's a smart robot that gives your pet treats! With its cool and clever design, this toy will keep your furry friend busy and happy. 🤖
  • 🐕[EASY TO FILL] Just flip the transparent lid up with your thumb, add some pet dry food or treats inside the toy, and flip it back down. That’s it! Now you can let your pet have fun with the toy. 🙌
  • 🐕[BRAIN BOOSTER] Your pet will learn how to nudge this toy to get the treats inside. This will challenge their mind and make them smarter. Plus, they will feel rewarded and enjoy the game. 🧠
  • 🐕[HEALTHY HABIT] This toy will also help your pet eat slower and digest better. No more wolfing down food and feeling bloated. This toy will make feeding time more fun and healthier for your pet. 🍽️
  • 🐕[FUN TIME] You can also join the fun and play with your pet using this toy. It's a great way to bond with your dog or cat and show them some love. You will both have a blast with this toy. 💕
  • 🐕[QUALITY MATERIAL] This toy is made of ABS & PC, which are wear resistant and durable. It is suitable for small, medium & larger sized dogs and cats of all sizes.

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