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Doggies Merch® Minimalist Poodle Ornament

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Doggies Merch® Minimalist Poodle Ornament

Nothing says "sophistiqué et élégant" quite like a well-decorated living space. Amp up the dog lover factor with an exceptional Poodle ornament to impress your guests. Subtle but sophisticated, this piece will never let you down. 

  • gently crafted edges
  • inspired by minimalist style
  • creative art statue to celebrate the love for Poodle's
  • perfectly bent iron wires that transforms into the shape of Poodle

Why we love it?

Dog statues and ornaments of all sizes and breeds have decorated our homes since ancient times. And Minimalist Poodle Ornament is no exception. You'll never be at a loss for the perfect spot to set down your newest best friend when you decorate with this wise pup! Made from iron this tiny puppy will fit into any spot without taking up too much space. Get creative and put them on your bookshelf or in your favorite corner in the room while still being able to see them easily! People are saying they're perfect gifts for all of those Poodle owners out there that can't stop bragging about their dogs. And it goes great with every interior that exudes elegance, style, and imagination.

You cannot miss it!