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Doggies Merch® Bath Brush

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Doggies Merch® Bath Brush
  • Our pet bath brush scrubber with the inbuilt refillable shampoo chamber will be your and your furry friend's favorite tool at home!
  • Even the pets who don't like bath time will start loving it because of its massaging and comforting characteristics. It is also an ideal gift to impress a pet lover!
  • All you have to do is open the top lid to pour in the shampoo and gently squeeze the brush to release the foam while brushing your fur baby.
  • You can even use this brush when applying other ointments or just do some simple combing.
  • The brush movements help to improve the blood circulation and therefore, improve fur health and quality.
  • The special non-slip design easily fits your hands for a hassle-free grooming session. The small and compact brush size saves space when hanging and storing.

CONVENIENT TO USE - Open the small lid on the top to pour in pet shampoo with some water and shake well. Then gently squeeze this silicone dog brush to dispense droplets to your pet’s fur coat to initiate the pet wash. You can achieve a great cleanse with less shampoo and save money.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Our pet bath massage brush can handle all pet grooming, washing & bathing needs. All of your fur baby deshedding and hair removal needs as well. It will gently remove loose hair, dust and dirt from your pet's coat to keep it clean and healthy.

SAFE & DURABLE - Our high-quality long lasting soft silicone bath brush is non-toxic and environmentally friendly so it can be safely used.

NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Our bath brush is in anti-slip design, portable, compact, lightweight and hassle-free. It is specially designed to offer you a comfortable grip during pet bath. The hang hole and handle design allows you job to be done properly.

You cannot miss it!